Leak Testing

Helium Leak Testing and Leak Detection has been the cornerstone of Helium Leak Testing, Inc. (HLT) business since we began in 1960. With HLT’s equipment and staff, we are capable of performing on-site field testing as well as in-house testing. We have the necessary equipment to perform all leak testing services in industry environments as well as laboratory conditions. Our field testing capabilities range from underground pipelines to layup tools for aerospace. HLT can perform almost any leak test method on a customer’s site. Our in house capabilities range from large pressure vessels to fine medical devices.

Helium Leak Testing, Inc. (HLT)  also has the equipment for vacuum degassing, leak testing at different temperatures, as well as permeation studies. HLT’s competent engineering staff has the necessary knowledge and experience to develop testing procedures specific to customer requirements. This allows HLT the ability to accommodate all of our customers’ needs in regards to leak testing. Our technicians are trained and certified to the guidelines of ASNT-SNT-TC1A.